Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Light the Way - Decorating with Paper Lanterns

I have a true obsession with paper lanterns and find a way to incorporate them in every party I host.  Lately, those have been baby showers.

Since the stork is visiting everyone I know, I've invested in a collection of all sizes and colors.  Paper lanterns add visual interest, texture and punches of color.  I've taken to hanging them from the ceiling in my dining room, setting them on tables as center pieces and attaching them to my patio umbrella.

I found a great website for ordering,  This site offers every color imaginable and various sizes - all for less than $3.

See what you think:

As you can see, i used white tacks and clear fishing line to hang them from the ceiling.  I added ribbon to some and also hung copies of the invitation in the mix to pull the color scheme together.  They're always a hit, and again, are so cheap!  I'll never waste money on balloons again.  

In case you're interested, here's a few more pictures of other baby shower decorating ideas:

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