Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saying Goodbye to More Than Stains

Hard-working spaces like laundry rooms can quickly become eyesores best solved with closed doors.

That certainly was the case in my house.  

With the laundry room located at the top of the stairs, detergent bottles and towels were visible every time I passed by.

After 12 months of closing the door, I finally decided to tackle the problem. 

I started by removing the existing wire shelving.  Rather than throwing it away, we repurposed the shelving by hanging it in the garage.  

The next step was to purchase new wood cabinets with doors.  I priced several options at home improvement and salvage stores.  I ended up selecting an unfinished, solid wood set at Knox Rail Salvage for a total cost of about $150.

I removed the hardware, lightly sanded the exterior and painted the new cabinets with high-gloss white paint.  It took several coats to cover the wood, and in hindsight, I would suggest buying pre-finished cabinets at Lowe's, even though you'll end up paying a little more.  The process took several hours.

Once the paint was dry and I remounted the doors, it was time to hang the new cabinets.  In true do-it-yourself fashion, we came up with our own way of getting them set in place and level.

Sometimes the best lesson in home improvement is to improvise! It's a miracle, but they actually hang straight!

While it's still a small space with little room to iron, it's no longer an eyesore.  Even laundry rooms can be transformed with a little organization.

I hope you are inspired to tackle a similar situation at your house!   

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